Carpet Care and Maintenance

We’ll Floor U recommends frequent cleaning to keep your new carpeting looking beautiful and feeling plush for many years to come.

Even if you’re short on time, it’s not hard to care for carpet. There are just a few easy steps to take on a regular basis.

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Step One is Entrance Protection

Place entry rugs & doormats wherever there are entrances to your home. These will protect your carpet from the dirt that gets tracked in on the bottoms of shoes from backyards, garages and so on. A few dollars invested in quality mats can prevent a lot of dirt and grime from being tracked across your beautiful new carpet.

A Good Vacuum is a Must

A good vacuum cleaner can be your carpet’s best friend. Buy a quality vacuum and use it regularly. There have been significant improvements to vacuum cleaners in the past few years, making them easier to use and better at doing their job. They’ve gotten lighter in weight, stronger in suction, and are loaded with convenience features. There are even unattended robotic vacuums that can do the work while you’re sleeping!

A thorough vacuuming removes loose dirt and dust from your carpet’s fibers. Over time, these particles dull your carpet’s appearance. Frequent vacuuming maintains the beauty of your floor covering and extends its life.

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How to Treat Spills

Any spill, liquid or solid, should be cleaned up as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more likely it is to stain your carpet’s fibers. Even if your carpet is equipped with stain-resistant fibers, it’s not totally stain-proof.

Immediately blot up as much of the liquid or debris as you can using a dry, clean cloth. Blotting is key – never rub or scrub, as this can damage the fibers permanently. You can then rinse the spill area using warm (not hot) water, then blotting up the water with another clean cloth. When you’ve blotted long enough that the spilled material no longer shows up on your cloth, you’ve soaked it up adequately. Vacuum the area to restore the texture of the fibers.

Dealing With Stains

If a spill does turn into a stain, all hope is not lost! The majority of what appear to be stains are actually soil-based rather than liquid. For example, drinks like soda & coffee tend to leave a sticky sugar residue that attracts other solid dirt particles, causing discoloration that appears to be a stain.

The same phenomenon can occur when you clean a spill using a detergent solution and don’t adequately rinse. Thus, your first action should be to re-rinse the stained area thoroughly with warm water and a clean cloth.

If that doesn’t work, we recommend that you reference your carpet manufacturer’s warranty information for specific stain care instructions. This will ensure that you don’t void your warranty by using the wrong chemicals or techniques.

Thorough Cleaning
Calls for the Pros.

Unfortunately, time and traffic will inevitably take their toll on your carpet. To protect your investment, we suggest having your carpet professional cleaned by a reputable company approximately once or twice per year. Well-trained pros will have the knowledge, equipment and experience to do a more thorough job of removing stubborn stains and embedded soil than you’ll be able to with just a vacuum.


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