Tile Care and Maintenance

Whether you’ve chosen ceramic, porcelain or stone tile, you’ve now got a highly durable and easy to clean surface.

So, even if you’re short on time, it’s not hard to care for tile! We recommend following just a few simple steps on a regular basis.

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Always reference your warranty

Your manufacturer will typically provide official guidelines for the proper care & maintenance of your tile. If they do, we highly recommend following those guidelines. No one knows your floors like the people who made them, and improper care may eventually void your warranty!

General tile flooring cleaning tips

  • Sweep your floor regularly to remove loose dirt & grit
  • Wipe up spills promptly – don’t let them sit for long
  • Damp mop your floors once per week or as needed to clean up specific messes
  • Use only manufacturer-recommended cleaning solutions. Safe cleansers are typically of a neutral pH, with no acids, vinegars, chlorines, or ammonia. We also don’t recommend most detergents or soaps, as these can dull the surface and promote the growth of mildew.
  • Utilize protective mats at all entryways and underneath the legs of furniture.
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