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What is trim, and what purpose does it serve in the home?

Trim is a general term that refers to all types of molding (also spelled moulding) & millwork.

It's a subtle but highly effective tool for making a huge impact on the design of your home, giving rooms a “finished” look. Aesthetically, trim allows you to clean up a room’s ragged edges, outlining everything in a clean way.

Trim serves a functional purpose, as well. Some parts of a house are left intentionally uncovered, such as the spaces between floors and walls. You can cover these gaps using a type of trim called base molding.

Molding is any strip of material used to cover transitions between surfaces, or simply for decorative purposes. It can be made from wood, plaster or plastic.

Casing is a type of molding that's typically used to trim windows.

Types of molding

Base molding: Commonly called baseboard, base molding is applied where walls meet the floor

Crown molding: Commonly just called crowns, crown molding is applied where walls meet the ceiling

Casing: Usually shorter and thicker than base molding, casing is typically used to trim the perimeters of windows & doors

Wall Panels: Large planks that cover a significant portion of a wall

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Styles of molding

Plain molding has right-angled upper & lower edges.

Sprung molding has upper & lower edges that bevel towards the rear to allow mounting between two non-parallel planes, such as a wall & a ceiling, while leaving an open space behind.


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