Area Rug Care and Maintenance

Taking proper care of your new area rug is the key to maximizing their performance & beauty. Follow our simple guide to get the most out of your rugs!

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Simple & Straightforward

It’s easy to maintain a rug with a regular cleaning routine. Vacuum each rug at least weekly, if not more often, to pick up any loose dirt and debris that may have gotten caught in the fibers.

If you experience any liquid or solid spills, you can blot them up with a clean towel or cloth, using warm water to dampen the area if necessary.

You should also be sure to always reference the guidelines that your rug manufacturer has provided. This will ensure that you’re using the proper techniques & tools and that you don’t void the rug’s warranty.

Special Considerations for Shag Rugs

Shag rugs feature long cable yarns which can be damaged by vacuum cleaners. These fibers tend to wrap around beater bars and wear rapidly when subjected to vacuum brushes.

To avoid this type of damage, disconnect your machine’s beater bar (your vacuum manual should explain how). You can also use what’s called a carpet rake in conjunction with your vacuum cleaner. The rake will loosen soil, making it easier to pick up dirt and minimizing the amount of vacuuming necessary to clean your shag rug.

Another tip: Set your vacuum to the lowest height setting for the best suction.

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