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If you think carpet, hardwood, LVT & laminate already offer a lot of flooring choices, welcome to the world of area rugs! From braided to cotton, exciting Oriental to exquisite Persian, area rug styles are as plentiful as they are beautiful. Visit our to explore our expansive inventory.

There’s no better way to add personality to a room than with the right area rug. A rug can set the stage for your furniture, sparking entire color schemes upon which to base the rest of your design. Use rugs to bring softness and warmth to any hard surface, cover up damage or stains, and instantly infuse color and pattern into a space.

Rooms Within Rooms

One of the best decorating strategies is to use rugs to define specific activity centers within a room. This is especially useful in the flowing, open-plan home layouts that are common today.

For example, a rug can set boundaries for a conversation area or a dining room setup, outlining a space to be framed by furniture for a cohesive finished look.

Rug Types

There is no shortage of different rug styles from which to choose, meaning you’ll have no trouble at all finding a rug to match your décor in just about any room. Here are just a few of the broader categories available when you shop online at the We’ll Floor U Rugs.Shop.

Traditional Area Rugs

Modeled after the designs of authentic, hand-knotted Oriental area rugs that were historically prized by aristocrats for their rich hues and eclectic schemes. These rugs offer an elegant feel that lends itself to more formal room designs.

Flat Woven Area Rugs

Popular for use in contemporary spaces, where their sumptuous colors, stylized motifs and vivid geometry can shine. These rugs are durable, reversible, and have little to no pile.Braided and Hooked Area Rugs

Braided and Hooked Area Rugs

Colorful braided, hooked & rug rugs bring a homey, handcrafted feeling that’s perfect for antique or country aesthetics. These rugs commonly feature historic motifs and fresh pastels.

… And Many More!

Discover Persian rugs, urban styles, sophisticated florals, tribal patterns, geometric designs and more when you shop online at the We’ll Floor U Rugs.Shop!

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Don’t Forget about Area Rug Padding

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Area Rug | We'll Floor You
Area Rug | We'll Floor You
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The best way to keep a rug in place is with a non-slip rug pad, which can be used over both hard surfaces and carpeting. Consult with our flooring specialists at We’ll Floor U about the proper padding to be placed under your rug. Area rug padding is an important element which will stabilize and protect both your rug and your floors. Good padding also makes it safer to walk on your rug and will protect its value and appearance. A rug pad typically covers 95% of the rug, and most can easily be cut to your desired size.